sculptural work, installations, machines

Here are a few of Maja Thommen’s more important works showing varied stages of development
in several different fields:

since 2020: Die Affenbande, until 2024 a monkey gang of seven is projected to climb over
a private residence in Zürich. In September 2022 five monkeys are realized and installed.
05-2022: Das Schiffszimmer, overall design of a hotel room, including a metal wall picture of
a harbor scene, Seminarhaus Kulturkosmos, Lärz, North Germany
06- 2021 Die Blumenwolke, a custom design chandelier from over 280 cutlery flowers for a
lofty home in Switzerland.
07- 2020: Participation with the first two monkeys in the group exhibition, Lauschen statt
, Galerie Neurotitan, for the 25 year anniversary of Haus Schwarzenberg,
Berlin /D
10- 2019: Flower Power, two large flower bouquets, realised from over 1800 pieces of cutlery,
commissioned by Monster Ronson‘s Ichiban Karaoke, Berlin /D
07- 2019: The Wolf, life size sculpture of a male wolf, work in commission. Berlin /D
11- 2018: The Raven and the Crow, two separate commissions of birds, following the
exposition in Switzerland, Berlin /D
03- 2018: Series of 3 metal portraits; Alberto Giacometti, Käthe Kollwitz and Bernhard
, Berlin /D
10- 2017: Two variations of turning DNA Helixes, for the sculpture garden at the Sisyphos Club,
Berlin /D
08- 2017: Die Weglampen, a path illumination with 15 different lamps for the climbing refuge
Kalandraka in Rodellar /E. Built with the metal group XIX in Sennhof /CH
04- 2017: Tattling Bird, bird garden sculpture on commission, Berlin /D
2016: 5m metal statue, picturing Bill Parooka, the mayor of the festival town Parookaville,
Weeze Airport /D
2015: Realization of the Nova Two, a a second bird woman for Odo Rumpf, Köln/D
2015: Gong Trophy, two gongs designed as trophies for the e-sport competition Kumite,
initiated by Red Bull, Berlin /D
2014: The Lionfish Door, the custom designed garden door was realized in Sennhof /CH
2014: The Apocalyptic Fence, custom fencing in an apocalyptic theme, embedding one
coach and three upright standing car wrecks. White Trash Fast Food, Berlin /D
2014: A 17 meter long animated Sea Monster, diving and emerging in the festival lake,
with several fire and water effects. Off the Radar Festival, Te Arai /NZ
2013: The Sisyphos Gate, concept, design and realisation of the 6 by 6m gateway
for Sisyphos Club, Berlin /D
2013: Concept, design and realization of the 50m swirled Tubebox Railing, with three
ghost-like figures, Fusion Festival /D
2013: The Fifth Estate - Film Furniture, rough Berlin 80ies style furniture for the
thriller based on real events around Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg,
Berlin /D
2012: Concept, design and realization of the Wacken Bull, a 2.5 ton sculpture,
Wacken Open Air /D
2012: Design and realization of the Wacken Skull, the new Vip-entrance for the Wacken
Open Air /D
2010: Odonische Feuer, Fire Fountain / Dreaming Flame Logo / Burning Scrap
Installation, Odonien, Köln /D
2010: Raw Heater Bar, heavy steel bar from recycled heaters, Mikz Club, Berlin /D
2010: Duschfass, fire shower installation for the wellness area of Bar 25, Berlin /D
2009: Suspended Car Wreck, large scale sculpture for Odonien, Köln/D
2009: Nova, the bird woman, life size sculpture for Odo Rumpf, Köln/D
2008: Kalandraka, design of all the needed metalwork with Marco Collabucci,
refugio de escalada, Rodellar /E
2006: The Alchemy Bar, 24m long kinetic bar counter, in assignment of Robodock Festival,
Amsterdam /NL
2004: Mantelheizung, heated seat installation for Christmas market, Kulturbrauerei,
Berlin /D
1999: Dorfbachschiff, village square sculpture, with metal group XIX, Pfäffikon /CH
1997: The 17ton Bar, with metal group XIX, Zoom Festival, Zurich /CH
1996: Eurokon; Nailed Tanks, Machine Performance and Russian Eagle with metal
group XIX, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk /RU
1995: Eurokot; the Iron Channel with metal group XIX, Zurich /CH