Collaborations and assistances

The numerous collaborations with other artists on their projects have always inspired and
enriched Maja Thommen’s artistic growth.
Especially relevant was her time living in Leipzig, Germany working as an assistant to
robotic artist Jim Whiting, the mastermind behind the workshop/gallery/performance space
Bimbo Town. This time served as an incubation period for her later work.

2013: Destroy HIV, artistic implementation of the new media sculpture action organized
by Jugend gegen Aids, Alte Münze, Berlin /D
2009: Elefants Head, 8m sculpture for the finale of the show India, the follower of
Afrika-Afrika by Prime Time Entertainment, Mainz /D
2008: Tony Clifton Circus, realization of the throne for the new spectacle La
Morte di Babbo Natale
, Ateliers Frappaz, Villeneuve /F
2007: Assistance on the building of the Hand of Man by Robochrist Industries,
Robodock Festival, Amsterdam /NL
2007: Derevo, creation of the outdoor space for the theatrical production, Wheel
of Power
, Mannheim /D
2003: Realization of the puppet circus for Forget Me Not by Paka the Incredible
and Sarah Wright in Little Angel Theatre, London /GB
1998–2000: Jim Whiting, Bimbo Town, Leipzig /D assistance on shows in Kampnagel,
Hamburg /D and Robodock Festival, Amsterdam /NL