Maja Explosiv, born Maja Thommen in Pfäffikon, Switzerland in 1973, is a multidisciplinary
artist whose extensive physical artwork oeuvre includes, sculpture (metal, stone and wood)
robotics, kinetic art, illustration and painting.

Her experience in stage arts includes theatre development, production, management,
and direction, costume design, employment of explosives and pyrotechnics, as well as
performing as both an acrobat and musician.

She has been greatly influenced by her experiences traveling in various performance
collectives including Bagger and Elxt90. Maja constantly seeks out situations where she can
collaborate and learn from her artist peers. She thrives in these situations and it is precisely
these exchanges that have aided her continuous growth as an artist.
Many artists have greatly influenced M. Thommen’s work including Jim Whiting, Mark Divo,
Grex Portmann and Mike Tucker to name a few.

At present Maja Thommen spends her time focused on her sculptural and illustrative work in
her current hometown of Berlin, Germany, where she has resided since 2004.