Die grosse Hafenszene

4.5 by 2.0m wall sculpture for the dining room of the Kulturkosmos guesthouse, Fusion
Festival, Lärz, MV.

The inspiration for the harbor scene is based on the history of the house, which was built
as an apprentice house for the Rechlin shipyard.
The drawing also refers to the ship's room, das Schiffszimmer, where a different, smaller
view of the cranes is depicted. And which we could decorate and furnish for the guesthouse
in 2022.

The metal drawing was realized in the Atelier Thommen & Moss in Berlin and could be
installed in Lärz in May 2024

Harbor Scene, full view

Harbor Scene, dining room

Harbor Scene, full view

Harbor Scene, birds flying

Harbor Scene, final drawing

Harbor Scene, in the workshop

Harbor Scene,hanging about