Metal group XIX, since 1995

The metal design group XIX forms around the steel workers Grex Portmann /CH, Mike Tucker /GB,
Remo Lauper /CH, Felix Maspoli /I and Maja Thommen.

After founding in 1995, several large group installations and art projects were realized from the groups
base on the amazing metal farm in Sennhof /CH.
Standing out was the year 1996 when XIX took part in the second symposium for recycling, Eurokon,
in Russia. The two week stay on the metal recycling factory Bto Met in Ekaterinburg was an overwhelming
experience. The raw material and the ancient means by which to manipulate metal on scrap yards in Russia
was highly inspiring.

Ever since, the XIX members have cooperated on many art projects. Consequently, Sennhof, the metal farm
in Switzerland, served and still serves as a base and a hub, and so continues to facilitate and inspire creations.