paper work

"Drawing began leading my life decisions as a teenager and is, even today, the basis of any
artistic approach .  As such, it is usually the easiet way to explain my ideas and visions"

Not only are most of Maja Thommens projects born, studied, and refined on paper, but
in recent years artists and organizers of all disciplines have been requesting sketches for the
visualization of their upcoming projects.
As a drawing pen has never been far, throughout the years Maja has produced a wide array
of posters, flyers or tattoo designs. These have increasingly led to graphic work and
various illustrations by commission.

Since 2007: Concept and artistic direction of the mechanical spectacle A Breath Under Water
2006: Children book illustration Malaga la Vache, in commission of Kaspar Pfenniger,
Atelier Stern, Zurich /CH
2005: Comic strip Akwa,  for the Roboduck paperstage to the theme water,
Robodock Festival /NL