Murals Europe, 1994-1995

Marc Divo and Maja Explosiv led a team of artists in two seperate work expeditions around
Europe, from Austria to Check Republic, over Slovenia and Germany to the Netherlands.

In 1994 and 1995 the changing international artist collective realised murals, facade
sculptures and bar designs in the culture centres; Arena in Vienna /A, Black Hand and
Ladronka in Prague /CZ, a mural on the squatted highway rest stop Zeleny Dvor in Košice
/SK, Köpi, KVU and kleine Haifischbar in Berlin /D and the full facade of Blauwe
in The Hague /NL.


Beisel facade, Vienna /A 1994


Entrance concert room, Prague /CZ 1994


Bar installation, Prague /CZ 1994

Black Hand

Cafe, Kavkova, detail, Prague /CZ 1994

Black Hand

Cafe, Kavkova, Prague /CZ 1994

Zeleny Dvor

Squatted motorrest, Košice /SK 1994


Concert hall, Berlin /D 1994


Kirche von Unten, KvU, detail, Berlin /D 1995


Kirche von Unten, detail, Berlin /D 1995

Kleine Haifischbar

Scharni, Berlin /D 1995

Blauwe Aanslag

Full facade, The Hague /NL 1995

Blauwe Aanslag

Press, The Hague /NL 1995