Maja's initial meeting with the multimedia artist Mark Divo /LUX in 1993, lead to a three
year period of steady co-production concerning a large variety of artwork and art events.
The first two years focused on mural and interior artwork. Numerous facades have been
designed all over Europe by this loose collective of changing local and international artists.
Amongst others:
Gabriel Serra /CL, Sjorre de Stoute /B,  Ingo Giezendanner /CH, Michael Schmacke /D,
Oktavio Gonzales /E, Grex Portmann/CH, Simone Batchelet /CH, Anne Bennike /DK,
Stine Brinklow /DK

It was during this period of collaboration that the projects Eurokon in Novosibirsk and
Yekaterinburg, Russia (1996), and Eurokot in Zurich, Switzerland (1995) were realized.
For their accomplishments Eurokot was bestowed the Swiss National Rockpreis in 1995.
(More details on these projects can be found in the Sculpture/Sculptural Work and the
Show/Event Organisation sections of this site.)

1995: Murals and interior design in: KVU, Berlin /D, kleine Haifischbar, Berlin /D,
Blauwe Aanslag
, The Hague /NL
1994: Painting, pedestrian underpass Felix und Regula Unterführung, in commission
of the city of Zurich /CH
1994: Murals and interior design in: Arena, Vienna /AUT, Black Hand, Prague /CZ,
Ladronka, Prague /CZ, Zeleny Dvor, Košice /SK, Köpi, Berlin /D
1993: Murals on the seven facades, squatted culture factory Wohlgroth, Zurich /CH