sculptural work, installations, machines

Here are a few of Maja Thommen’s more important works showing varied stages of development
in several different fields:

05- 2017: Die Weglampen, path illumination with 15 different lamps for the climbing
refuge Kalandraka in Rodellar, Spain. Built with the metal group XIX in Sennhof /CH
06- 2016: Bill Parooka, 5m high metal statue, picturing the mayor of the festival town
Parookaville, Weeze Airport /D
06- 2015: Nova Two, realization of a second bird woman - a life size sculpture for Odo Rumpf,
03- 2015: Gong Trophy, two gongs designed as trophies for the e-sport competition Kumite,
initiated by Red Bull, Berlin /D
08- 2014: The Lionfish Door, the custom designed garden door was realized in Sennhof /CH
05- 2014: Apocalyptic Fence, custom fencing in an apocalyptic theme, embedding one coach
and three upright standing car wrecks. White Trash Fast Food, Berlin /D
01- 2014: The Sea Monster, 17 meter long animated dragon like sculpture, diving and
emerging in the festival lake, the performance was staged with with several fire
and water effects. Off the Radar Festival, Te Arai /NZ
12- 2013: Destroy HIV, artistic implementation of the new media sculpture action organised
by Jugend gegen Aids, Alte Münze, Berlin /D
08- 2013 The Sisyphos Gate, concept, design and realisation of the 6 by 6m gateway
for Sisyphos Club, Berlin /D
06- 2013: Tubebox Railing, concept, design and realisation of the 50m swirled railing
with 3 ghostlike figures, Fusion Festival /D
01- 2013: The Fifth Estate - Film Furniture, rough Berlin 80ies style furniture for the
thriller based on real events around Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg,
Berlin /D
08- 2012: Wacken Bull, concept, design and realisation of the 2,5 ton sculpture,
Wacken Open Air /D
03- 2012: Wacken Skull, design and realisation of the new Vip-entrance for the Wacken
Open Air /D
2010: Odonische Feuer, Fire Fountain / Dreaming Flame Logo / Burning Scrap
Installation, Odonien, Köln /D
2010: Raw Heater Bar, heavy steel bar from recycled heaters, Mikz Club, Berlin /D
2010: Duschfass, fire shower installation for the wellness area of Bar 25, Berlin /D
2009: Elefants Head, 8m sculpture for the finale of the show India, the follower of
Afrika-Afrika by Prime Time Entertainment, Mainz /D
2009: Suspended Car Wreck, large scale sculpture for Odonien, Köln/D
2009: Nova, the bird woman, life size sculpture for Odo Rumpf, Köln/D
2008: Kalandraka, design of all the needed metalwork with Marco Collabucci,
refugio de escalada, Rodellar /E
2006: The Alchemy Bar, 24m long kinetic bar counter, in assignment of Robodock Festival,
Amsterdam /NL
2004: Mantelheizung, heated seat installation for Christmas market, Kulturbrauerei,
Berlin /D
1999: Dorfbachschiff, village square sculpture, with metal group XIX, Pfäffikon /CH
1997: The 17ton Bar, with metal group XIX, Zoom Festival, Zurich /CH
1996: Eurokon; Nailed Tanks, Machine Performance and Russian Eagle with metal
group XIX, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk /RU
1995: Eurokot; the Iron Channel with metal group XIX, Zurich /CH

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Realisation: Werner Trunk