A partial chronology of expierience:

05- 2017: Die Weglampen, path illumination with 15 different lamps for the climbing
refuge Kalandraka in Rodellar, Spain. Built with the metal group XIX in Sennhof /CH
06- 2016: Bill Parooka, 5m high metal statue, picturing the mayor of the festival town
Parookaville, Weeze Airport /D
06- 2015: Nova Two, realization of a second bird woman - a life size sculpture for Odo Rumpf,
03- 2015: Gong Trophy, two gongs designed as trophies for the e-sport competition Kumite,
initiated by Red Bull, Berlin /D
08- 2014: The Lionfish Door, the custom designed garden door was realized in Sennhof /CH
05- 2014: Apocalyptic Fence, custom fencing in an apocalyptic theme, embedding one coach
and three upright standing car wrecks. White Trash Fast Food, Berlin /D
01- 2014: The Sea Monster, 17 meter long animated dragon like sculpture, diving and
emerging in the festival lake, the performance was staged with with several fire
and water effects. Off the Radar Festival, Te Arai /NZ
12- 2013: Destroy HIV, artistic implementation of the new media sculpture action organised
by Jugend gegen Aids, Alte Münze, Berlin /D
11- 2013: Smachine Art Nights, curation and organisation of the interdisciplinary event
and exhibition with over 30 participants from the fields of kinetic, sculpture, fire
and perfomance art. Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin /D
08- 2013 The Sisyphos Gate, concept, design and realisation of the 6 by 6m gateway
for Sisyphos Club, Berlin /D
06- 2013: Tubebox Railing, concept, design and realisation of the 50m swirled railing
with 3 ghostlike figures, Fusion Festival /D
01- 2013: The Fifth Estate - Film Furniture, rough Berlin 80ies style furniture for the
thriller based on real events around Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg,
Berlin /D
08- 2012: Wacken Bull, concept, design and realisation of the 2,5 ton sculpture,
Wacken Open Air /D
08- 2012: Artistic Direction, Thrash of the Titans Field - Wacken Open Air, Wacken /D
03- 2012: Wacken Skull, design and realisation of the new Vip-entrance for the Wacken
Open Air /D
2012-2013: Concept and artistic management, Robo Field - Fusion Festival, Lärz /D
2011: Artists organisation and management for the Bread and Butter Supershow,
Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin /D
2011: Beke Benefit - Organisation of the fire and robotic benefit party, with more than
50 artists, Radialsystem Berlin /D
2011-2012: Tony Clifton Circus /I, technical development and show assistance for the Mission
since 2011: Artist management for the Compressorhead Band and Robocross Machines
2010: Odonische Feuer, Fire Fountain / Dreaming Flame Logo / Burning Scrap
Installation, Odonien, Köln /D
2010: Raw Heater Bar, heavy steel bar from recycled heaters, Mikz Club, Berlin /D
2010: Duschfass, fire shower installation for the wellness area of Bar 25, Berlin /D
2009: Elefants Head, 8m sculpture for the finale of the show India, the follower of
Afrika-Afrika by Prime Time Entertainment, Mainz /D
2009: Suspended Car Wreck, large scale sculpture for Odonien, Köln/D
2009: Nova, the bird woman, life size sculpture for Odo Rumpf, Köln/D
2009: Assistance on the robotic and fire festival Extreme Arts in Sheffield /GB
2009: Planing and construction of the mobile stage and walls for the Mozart opera,
Mandys Baby. Première: 23.7.2009 Radialsystem Berlin /D
2008: Tony Clifton Circus, realization of the throne for the new spectacle La
Morte di Babbo Natale
, Ateliers Frappaz, Villeneuve /F
2008: Assistance on the fire show of Eddie Egal and Sir Henry Hot in Thrash City,
Glastonbury Festival /GB
2008: Kalandraka, design of all the needed metalwork with Marco Collabucci,
refugio de escalada, Rodellar /E
Since 2007: Concept and artistic direction of the mechanical spectacle A Breath Under Water
2007: Assistance on the building of the Hand of Man by Robochrist Industries,
Robodock Festival, Amsterdam /NL
2007: Derevo, creation of the outdoor space for the theatrical production, Wheel
of Power
, Mannheim /D
2006: The Alchemy Bar, 24m long kinetic bar counter, in assignment of Robodock Festival,
Amsterdam /NL
2006: Children book illustration Malaga la Vache, in commission of Kaspar Pfenniger,
Atelier Stern, Zurich /CH
2006: Juweliers Messe Basel, fire installation with Hannes Jung, Eddie Egal
and Udo Luckow, Basel /CH
2005: Assistance on the LHPO show, by Geo Homsy, Bastiaan Maris and Stock,
Big Day Out Festival, Sydney /AUS
2005: Stage management, Robodock Festival, Amsterdam /NL
2005: Comic strip Akwa,  for the Roboduck paperstage to the theme water,
Robodock Festival /NL
2004–2005: Artists booking and organisation, Berlin Lacht, Berlin /D
2004: Fire installation for the European film premiere of Troy, Berlin /D
2004: Mantelheizung, heated seat installation for Christmas market, Kulturbrauerei,
Berlin /D
2003–2012: Playing recorder with the gipsy band Casino Gitano
2003–2010: Artists booking, Vision Festival /CH
2003–2006: Artists booking and stage management, Zoom Festival, Zurich /CH
2003: Assistance on Kain Karawahns Polkappenzündfonie, Bonn /D
2003: Artists booking and organisation, Dada Festwochen, Schlosserei, Sihlpapier
Zurich /CH
2003: Realization of the puppet circus for Forget Me Not by Paka the Incredible
and Sarah Wright in Little Angel Theatre, London /GB
2002–2004: The pyro-acoustic show project Free Radicals
1999–2003: The acrobatic fire spectacle Elxt90
1999: Dorfbachschiff, village square sculpture, with metal group XIX, Pfäffikon /CH
1998–2000: Jim Whiting, Bimbo Town, Leipzig /D assistance on shows in Kampnagel,
Hamburg /D and Robodock Festival, Amsterdam /NL
1997–2001: Martial punk show Bagger
1997: The 17ton Bar, with metal group XIX, Zoom Festival, Zurich /CH
1996: Organisation, Eurokon, 2.Symposium für interaktives Recycling, Yekaterinburg
and Novosibirsk /RU
1996: Eurokon; Nailed Tanks, Machine Performance and Russian Eagle with metal
group XIX, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk /RU
1995: Conception and organisation, Eurokot, 1.Symposium für interaktives Recycling,
Escherwyss Platz-Unterführung Zurich /CH
1995: Eurokot; the Iron Channel with metal group XIX, Zurich /CH
1995: Murals and interior design in: KVU, Berlin /D, kleine Haifischbar, Berlin /D,
Blauwe Aanslag
, The Hague /NL
1994: Painting, pedestrian underpass Felix und Regula Unterführung, in commission
of the city of Zurich /CH
1994: Murals and interior design in: Arena, Vienna /AUT, Black Hand, Prague /CZ,
Ladronka, Prague /CZ, Zeleny Dvor, Košice /SK, Köpi, Berlin /D
1993: Murals on the seven facades, squatted culture factory Wohlgroth, Zurich /CH



1997/1998: schooling to handle and employ explosives, SAFAS Switzerland, licenses A & B
1997-2002: Winter months: Metal construction, Schär Metallbau, Pfäffikon /CH
1995: Frame-and-body construction, M. Wylenmann, Oberengstringen /CH
1994: Stone sculpture by mason Arno Hölzel, Zurich /CH
1993: Prep course, University of the Arts, Zurich /CH
1988-1992: State college of higher educations, Matura Typus D, Kantonschule Wetzikon /CH
(language degree in German/ Spanish/ French /English)

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Realisation: Werner Trunk