Event Organisation and Managemet

Throughout the years Maja Thommen has become involved in the planning and
organization of various large scale events.
These years of coproduction and networking in the European artist scene continue
to facilitate her organizational and directive skills.

11- 2013: Smachine Art Nights, curation and organisation of the interdisciplinary event
and exhibition with over 30 participants from the fields of kinetic, sculpture, fire
and perfomance art. Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin /D
08- 2012: Artistic Direction, Thrash of the Titans Field - Wacken Open Air, Wacken /D
2012-2013: Concept and artistic management, Robo Field - Fusion Festival, Lärz /D
2011: Artists organisation and management for the Bread and Butter Supershow,
Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin /D
2011: Beke Benefit - Organisation of the fire and robotic benefit party, with more than
50 artists, Radialsystem Berlin /D
since 2011: Artist management for the Compressorhead Band and Robocross Machines
2005: Stage management, Robodock Festival, Amsterdam /NL
2004–2005: Artists booking and organisation, Berlin Lacht, Berlin /D
2003–2010: Artists booking, Vision Festival /CH
2003–2006: Artists booking and stage management, Zoom Festival, Zurich /CH
2003: Artists booking and organisation, Dada Festwochen, Schlosserei, Sihlpapier
Zurich /CH
1996: Organisation, Eurokon, 2.Symposium für interaktives Recycling, Yekaterinburg
and Novosibirsk /RU
1995: Conception and organisation, Eurokot, 1.Symposium für interaktives Recycling,
Escherwyss Platz-Unterführung Zurich /CH

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